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Stress Management Principles for CISOs

11 Sept 10.30am / 14 Sept 2.30pm / 2 Oct 2.30pm / 16 Oct 2.30pm BST

Based on our ClubCISO Information Security Maturity Survey 2020,

1 in 4 CISOs experience negative stress.

42% of CISOs believe their teams are stressed to the point it affects their performance or is unbearable.

We must maintain a watch over the mental health of ourselves and those around us as new threats and working patterns test our personal resilience and that of our systems.

ClubCISO has partnered with Thrive to bring you bespoke Stress Management workshops for CISOs, normally valued at £300 each. There are limited spots, so sign up while you can.

For ClubCISO members only.

If you are interested in learning further practical exercises, sign up for the Stress Management Practices session.

Why attend? Dr Jessica Barker, ClubCISO Chair explains:

During this session we will be looking at the foundations of Stress or rather pressure, tension and anxiety. We will be looking at the science behind why certain things affect us and look at ways that we can minimise that effect.

What the workshop covers:

  • What is stress?
  • Sources of stress
  • What is anxiety?
  • What are anxiety disorders
  • Stress containers

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Please sign up here for your complimentary Stress Management Principles workshop brought to you in partnership with Thrive.

ClubCISO members only.

All times shown in BST (UTC+1)


Simon Nichols from Thrive

Simon Nichols

Founder and Wellbeing Director, Thrive


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