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Wellness Wednesday: Selfcare Part 2 – The Gift of Happiness

Wednesday 23 February 2022
3:00PM GMT

ClubCISO has partnered with Thrive to bring you complimentary bespoke Stress Management workshops for CISOs, normally valued at £300 each. There are limited spots, so sign up while you can.

Stress in the Cyber Security world – the facts speak for themselves.

100% of CISOs surveyed find their role stressful – that’s all of you.

91% of CISOs say they suffer moderate or high levels of stress and anxiety.

88% of CISOs are doing more than the average 40-hour work week.

60% of CISO’s say they rarely disconnect from the job.

The numbers are not kind to us in the world of cyber security, so how can we fight back, how can we turn this tide, well it begins with YOU, and it begins with your thoughts and feelings – only you can change your outlook, only you are responsible for your own happiness.

Join us for part 2 of Self-care and the final Wellness Wednesday session as we give you the gift of happiness, this is self-care at its peak. We will be talking about positivity, happiness and breaking through barriers.

Let us thrive, not just survive.

YOU are the most important person in the world, treat yourself to a gift today.

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Stress Management for CISOs

Simon Nichols

Founder & Wellbeing Director, Thrive

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