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Webinar – Overcoming ‘Shadow IT’ Need and Risk

Thursday 8 July 2021
3pm BST

The escalating use of shadow IT – information technology outside IT approval – creates significant risk to organizations and is one of the biggest challenges in digital forensics today. During investigations, incidents, litigation or regulatory and legal compliance, companies must be able to acquire, preserve, analyse, examine and present digital media in a forensically sound manner.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies and remote working since the pandemic have continued to blur the lines between company and personal device usage.

Organizations need to understand how to get to grips with the expanding shadow IT environment in order to overcome the need and risk attached.


In this Infosecurity Magazine webinar ClubCISO Advisory Board Member , Paul Watts joins a panel of experts to debate:


  • The growing challenges and risk of shadow IT
  • Strategies for overcoming shadow IT, including the importance of staff awareness training
  • How technologies can help enforce policies, protect data and intellectual property, and reduce costs

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Panel guests

Paul Watts ClubCISO Advisory Board Member

Paul Watts

ClubCISO Advisory Board Member

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