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CISO Hour: AI Survey, the Preliminary Results

Wednesday 27 March 2024

ClubCISO Quick Fire Survey votes are in!

Join the next CISO Hour to tap into the AI Survey results and be the first one to find out all about the challenges and concerns CISOs have identified across the industry since the AI introduction across all parts of their organisations.

Delve into the session where we’ll aim, as a community, to explore key questions such as:

  • 🤖AI – Friend or Foe? How successful have the CISOs been in harnessing AI to strengthen the organization’s security posture?
  • 🛡️Are We Prepared? While CISOs may be well-versed in AI technology, are all facets of your business equally equipped? Explore whether your regulations and policies are robust enough to safeguard your enterprise.
  • 🎯Shifting Priorities: How is the integration of AI reshaping the focus of CISOs worldwide?
  • 🚀Gen-AI Tools: A trade off between  productivity and potential gateways for cyber-attacks?


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Panel guests

Jean Carlos

VP of Information Security @ AutogenAI

Malcolm Portelli

CISO @ Andaria

CISO Hour: AI Survey, the Preliminary Results

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